Tuesday, 11 November 2014


In the height of our glorious summer, my lovely sister-in-law challenged me to the Ice Bucket Challenge. I didn’t do it then - not just because I hate doing Things That Have Become Too Popular and not just because I am a camera-avoider. I didn’t do it because I’m a cold water swimmer. Ice buckets is what we do. I decided I'd wait and do the challenge when Tooting Lido had frozen over and thus become the biggest best ice bucket in the WORLD*.

You could join me. The lido hasn’t frozen over (yet) but there are plenty of opportunities over the next few weeks to get into a great big ice bucket. What do you mean, that doesn't fill you with glee? The numbers of cold water people are growing – a source of great pleasure  to me (hurrah! more people!) and annoyance (booo, more people). Here follows a handy guide to upcoming events, compiled as if I was Time Out or something. Please do one. No, that came out wrong.  Please join in, I mean.

I’ve written these in order of dates, not order of enthusiasm, because I’m enthusiastic about them all. If there’s a public event you think I should add, please let me know.

Sat 29th Nov: The first one is the Crisis Midwinter swim at aforementioned Tooting Lido, best lido in The World*. On the day of writing this (11/11) the water was still 10 degrees but the nights are getting nippy, so don't worry the water WILL be cold enough. 

Sun 30th Nov: Next up is Tash Splash. At Brockwell Lido this time, which is nearly as good and always about two degrees warmer. This Streamline Swims event is raising cash for Movember charities. Facial hair not an entry requirement.

Sat 13th December: Freeze for Trees. Another Brockwell Lido jump in, supported by Jon Snow and Doon Mackichan, and raising money for the great charity Trees for Cities. (I wrote a book about trees - I’m including an Amazon link here because it’s convenient, but I don’t like them. I use Hive.co.uk.)

ALSO on Sat 13th Dec is the Outdoor Swimming Society's
December Dip at Parliament Hill Lido from 11am - 1 so it's North/South divide. There's short races, and a longer endurance event for the Arctic Adventurer. (Like all the longer swim events, you'll need proof that you have cold water experience. No just turning up and attempting a long swim.)  

17th Jan 2015 Parliament Hill Icy Swim Hootenanny.  This looks a right laugh, and as far as I can tell, contains no boogie-woogie piano, which is a bonus. They rather racily call themselves the enfant terrible of cold water events and it's by invitation only, so get in touch with them if you're keen. 

24th Jan 2015: By this time, you’ll be thoroughly hooked on cold swimming. Addicted even. So this one is a MUST: the 6th UK Cold Water SwimmingChampionships. A fantastic day, and a great atmosphere. You need to get in QUICK to register, but really, it's only a width so you'll be FINE. TRUST ME. Highly recommended.

I wrote about training for the Cold Water Champs before, here. It includes tips on how to do it, and clearly I can't avoid all cameras. But if you'd like more help/tips or whatever, get in touch on Twitter @jennylandreth. See you in the water. 

*South London. Which IS the world.


  1. There's also the Outdoor Swimming Society's "December Dip" on 13th December:

  2. I swim around 10k per week but I still don't understand you cold water swimmers. Several in my Masters group are still swimming in open water (in togs!) and one guy upon arrival, when he gets changed in the locker room, has a cold shower - even if it's freezing outside! Too much for me! Ha ha

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