I love to swim. 

So I've done it in lots of different pools in London, and reviewed them on this blog.  Eventually, it will be an encylopedia of all the public pools in London. Sometimes, I'll do stuff that is definitely swimming related, but not strictly about a pool. And hey, that's fine too, because THIS IS MY BLOG. All opinions will be mine, unless I can steal cleverer ones. I won’t bother with private pools in health clubs or people’s gardens, and I really can’t be arsed to go to pools less than 25m long unless they’re completely spectacular. Obviously, some pools I swim in often, so those will be more long-term relationship than one-night stand. If I mention the showers/toilet facilities, please assume I’m talking about the ladies. I’ll take suggestions if you feel like making them (ABOUT THE SWIMMING). I might occasionally visit a pool outside London, but generally, I have to get there and back home (South London) between 9 and 3. Don’t expect tips on swimming, except for the tip that says ‘go swimming’. I’m not an expert, I often wonder if wearing a Speedo costume is false advertising, but I do, and will, keep plodding up and down. See you in the water. 
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